2013 Key West Power Boat Race

The Key West Power Boat race is recognized around the world as the biggest offshore racing event.  This years line up of boats appears to be the biggest yet. These boats include many classes, Superboat Unlimiteds, multiple turbine, Superboats and many others.

This race is all about endurance. The three races were held Wednesday and Friday with the final race on Sunday. The first two race days the boats only do 1/2 the number of laps they will do on Sunday.

“I think we are going to have quite a lot of big boats here this coming weekend and that’s what people want to see.” – John Carbonell, President of Super Boat International and a Key West local

Racers and boats started arriving Sunday and a parade was held that started at the Truman Waterfront and went down Duval Street.

Race watchers on the beach.

Sunday was the final and longest of the races held at this event. In the first race of the day, a boat was said to have hit an underwater hazard and flipped.  All on board were recovered safely and the race continued.

Around the Hair Pin Turn

This is from the Hyatt at the foot of Siminton Street where I watched the race.

Start of the final race

By the start of the last race, the weather had turned and the clouds moved in. The last race kinda fizzeled. At one point three boats were on fire or smoking and many of the smaller boats had pulled out for various reasons.

Definitely want to have to do this again next year, but there is rumor that Mr. Carbonell may be leaving Key West. So this might be the last one.


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