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La Concha last look from The Top

Taken April 20th, 2014.

This will be my last time at The Top. April 20th, 2014 was the last time the public could get out on the roof and look around at Key West from the tallest building on the island. They are going to build a day spa on the roof and it will occupy the entire space.


The Story of Robert the Doll

This is a great video telling the store of Robert the Doll.

Robert Eugene Otto was given the doll in 1906 by a Bahamian servant woman who was skilled in Black Magic and voodoo.  It is alleged that the doll is cursed and possessed by evil spirits.

Robert is on display at the Fort East Martello Museum and is also part of the Key West Ghost Tours.

It’s really a interesting story. Click below and find out for yourself.

Landscape Memories

Today I was doing a quick search of the Internet looking for articles about Key West. When I came to this article I skimmed past it, but something made me return and look again. I slowed myself down and realized the beauty of this article. Please take a few minutes from your day to read this, it is worth the time. The author’s name is Rebecca Rainey and she has written a wonderful narrative of Key West and it’s beaches.

One Acorn

In 2008, in the heat of a late South Texas spring, the Coast Guard announced that our next home would be Key West, Florida. While I had been hoping for somewhere with a more temperate climate, I happily contemplated sunny beaches, frosty drinks and Jimmy Buffett.  What more could there possibly be?  As it turned out, Key West was much, much more.

Obviously, Key West is an island.  That fact, coupled with its semi-tropical climate, dictates nearly every aspect of life.  People have had to modify the island in order to live on it, but the elemental forces are never far away.  The natural rhythms inform everyday experiences to a much greater extent than in many other parts of the country.  Daily tides delineate the working lives of fishermen and tourist boat captains alike.  There’s a nightly festival on the waterfront just to celebrate the beauty of the sunset. …

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Shelf Cloud

Shelf Cloud NWS FB
This was the scene Tuesday August 20th looking out from Searstown to the north. Sigsbee Park is underneath that mess.

It’s called a Shelf Cloud.  Here is how the National Weather Service describes it: Continue reading


Listen to this Bahamian Conch tell you about the old days

Delbert Cartwright, Sr. 2011


1125 Duval Street

1125 Duval Street

1125 Duval Street

This is what the Le Te Da looked like when my Great Grandparents still owned the house.

Hi, welcome to MyConchLife

by Robert E Kraus

This is the first post of many. Here I’ll post things that interest me and hopefully interest others as well.