Shelf Cloud

Shelf Cloud NWS FB
This was the scene Tuesday August 20th looking out from Searstown to the north. Sigsbee Park is underneath that mess.

It’s called a Shelf Cloud.  Here is how the National Weather Service describes it: Continue reading


Listen to this Bahamian Conch tell you about the old days

Delbert Cartwright, Sr. 2011

2013 Lobster Mini Season

by Robert E Kraus


Lobster Mini Season, that yearly two day long frenzy, came to a close yesterday.  I’ve been on the water and watched amped up tourists AND locals race around in boats trying to locate the critters.  Here are a few good tweets from the folks who participated.

This guy seems to have collected his share and then some.

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1125 Duval Street

1125 Duval Street

1125 Duval Street

This is what the Le Te Da looked like when my Great Grandparents still owned the house.

Hi, welcome to MyConchLife

by Robert E Kraus

This is the first post of many. Here I’ll post things that interest me and hopefully interest others as well.